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2012/09/18 / amywfrazierbx

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Miriam Gomberg

Who am I?

Being a good girl is not much fun. Ask anyone who knows me and he or she will describe me as responsible. Bearing a strong sense of right and wrong, I dislike making poor decisions. As a result, I sometimes agonize over what should be uncomplicated deliberations (i.e. what to wear, what to order at a restaurant, etc.)

What I want to know is why I am tethered to morality while others around me do as they please without any remorse? How do they do it? Where do they (if ever) draw the line? There really is no line (like no spoon in the Matrix). We create ethical boundaries based on comfort level.

There is no spoon

If there truly is no spoon, I should have no issue re-directing focus into fulfilling my wants and needs. The difficulty is that years of indoctrination have us believing…

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2012/09/13 / amywfrazierbx

The Better Man Project ™

I’m sitting here on a rocking chair in Lake Tahoe looking out onto the water…enjoying the sun and the fantastic wind we have here today. The smell of the trees reminds me of fishing far too much. In fact, if the wind dies down tomorrow, I hope I can whip out the fly fishing gear and get onto the water. My paradise is in the woods.

There are these little tiny moments that flicker in your soul that if you feed them…they will begging to burn hot and bright. This morning, after waking up and looking directly out into the trees, I had one of those moments. For a little while, I had been focusing on things that truly didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I was taught a while ago that if we have complaints, we get something from them. The only way to rid ourselves from…

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